Lactose Intolerance

Whether you’re talking about a cold glass of milk, creamy yogurt or flavorful cheese, dairy foods taste great and offer a powerful nutritional punch. But those who are lactose intolerant or showing lactose intolerance symptoms don’t have to miss out on the great taste and health benefits of low-fat and fat-free dairy foods. Different people can handle different amounts of lactose, and there’s a solution to meet most needs in the dairy case – from lactose-free milk to dairy foods that are typically easier to digest.

The following information offers the latest education materials, research, presentations, recipes and events related to lactose intolerance, as well as information on management strategies that can help individuals with lactose intolerance enjoy dairy foods and meet nutrient recommendations. You can also join the conversation by following #BeyondLI on Twitter.


Lactose Intolerance & Your Child- Download this Information Sheet (PDF)

Help Your Patients Enjoy Dairy Again – Download this Information Sheet

Fall in Love with Dairy Again- Download this Information Sheet