Nutrition Handouts for Kids

Contemplate Your Breakfast Plate
This duplicating master compares six different breakfasts at different locations â?? home, school cafeteria, convenience store, restaurant and grocery store.


Eat the Five Food Group Way 
Elementary students will enjoy learning the five food groups while coloring this fun handout.


Food & Activity Tracker 
Use this tool to track your healthy eating and physical activity habits. Set goals and try to make improvements every day!


Interactive Ideas 
Have a milk mustache contest, show students how much calcium is in their bones and show students the importance of keeping their bones strong with these fun activities.


MyPlate Coloring Sheet 
Have fun coloring in the MyPlate food goups!


Nutrient Rich Foods Seminar Slides I 
Dayle Hayes presentation.


Nutrient Rich Foods Seminar Slides II 
Dayle Hayes Presentation.


ReFuel With Chocolate Milk 
Milk provides the fuel athletes need to be active and the fluids, nutrients and protein to help refuel after exercise.


Seven Ways to Size Up Your Servings 
Keep your portions in proportion with this handy guide to serving sizes.


Strong Bones For Your Kids 
Families with young children will welcome this double-sided handout filled with simple tips for healthy eating.

Student Pledge 
Encourage students to take the pledge and commit to a healthier lifestyle. They can post this version in their locker, carry it with them in their books or backpacks, or keep it at home.

Think Your Drink 
This two-sided duplicating master compares the nutrient density of eight different beverages with an activity on the back.