Our Missions

Who We Are

The Maine Dairy Promotion Board is a non-profit, USDA qualified, dairy promotion organization established in 1953 and funded by Maine dairy farmers. We work closely with Dairy Management, Inc, the Milk Processor Education Program (MilkPEP) and regional counterparts to implement national dairy promotion programs in Maine.

The Maine Dairy and Nutrition Council is a non-profit, USDA qualified, nutrition education organization established in 1949 and funded by Maine dairy farmers and processors. As an affiliate of National Dairy Council, our staff of registered dietitians works closely with Dairy Management, Inc and MilkPEP to extend nutrition education programs to health professionals, schools and media here in Maine.


Dairy Management, Inc. Mission

To increase demand for dairy products through the development and execution of an industry wide market-driven business plan that invests resources in a strategic manner and provides the best possible economic advantage to the dairy farmers.


National Dairy Council Mission

To contribute to optimal health through leadership in nutrition research and education by encouraging food selection patterns that include dairy foods and other major food categories in accordance with scientific recommendations.